Energy Efficient Air Conditioners For Great Lakes area Homes & Businesses

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners For
Great Lakes area Homes & Businesses

There’s a perfect air conditioner for every home. Whether you’re cooling or heating a residential living room, or office Kool Heat’s comprehensive range will provide the right solution for your needs.

We sell and install a range of affordable and energy efficient air conditioners that heat or cool all year round. We supply reverse cycle, split system and ducted units from renowned major brands such as Hitachi, Temperzone, LG, Mitsubishi Electrical and more.

We provide obligation-free quotes. Call today to find out more about our range of air conditioners. We serve Forster, Taree and Pacific Palms.

Split Systems

Split system units are ideal for cooling just one room or a specific area of a property. Perfect for most residential homes, split systems are also great for small commercial offices.

Available in a variety of wall mounted or floor standing models, split systems are highly versatile and compliment any room’s style.

Purchased and installed with a 5-year warranty, split systems are low maintenance units and require minimal maintenance. They operate quietly and most have an intelligent temperature control paired with a remote control.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Unit

Reverse Cycle

Reverse cycle air conditioners are another popular choice for homeowners. These systems allow you to cope in both the warmer and cooler months by regulating the temperature in any room from one console.

Being in the Taree area, the temperature fluctuations can be difficult to live with. Choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner, at home or at the office, will help you stay comfortable, no matter how hot or cold it is.

Reverse cycle technology is applied to both split and ducted systems so call Kool Heat today to discuss which air conditioner is right for you.

Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate way to manage comfort and cooling solutions for residential, commercial buildings. These systems are discreet and minimally designed to keep with your interior design.

Control multiple rooms, or the entire system, from one device. Regulate your home to the same temperature or divide your office into different levels of coolness depending on people’s preferences. Ducted systems are extremely versatile and deliver a high level of energy efficiency.

Get the most out of your air conditioning unit by installing a ducted system to your home, office property.